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  • Address:Suite 807, TianAn Hi-tech Development Plzaza. No.555 North PanYu Road, PanYu DistrictGuangZhou, China.
  • Tel:020-39211238
  • Fax:020-39211286
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  • The company's business philosophy: " quality, integrity, innovation and cooperation."

    Business philosophy is the guiding principle that runs through our work. It is a professional standard that every employee should strictly observe.

    Company's core value3

    The company's core values:

    quality concept: people-oriented, both ability and political integrity,Service wins, quality is supreme


    Implementation view: there is order, there is something, Positive feedback, immediate solution


    The concept of industry and thrift: hard benefit, namely income savings, Pragmatic


    Core values are the principles of corporate behavior, the Executive Standards of all the company's work, the right and wrong rulers, and the measure of overall quality of employees. The realization of the core values of the company is the fundamental guarantee for the company to grow and expand

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